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Throw Out Your New Year's Resolutions and Add Vision!

Andrea Wise-Brown, M.Ed., LPC

New Year’s Resolutions are a thing of the past! Researcher John Norcross, PHD, found that approximately 50 percent of the population make resolutions each New Year, however they do not keep them. Among the top resolutions are weight loss, exercise, stopping smoking, better money management and debt reduction, all of which take brain rewiring and may be extremely difficult to maintain. People set resolutions to motivate themselves but yet are not truly ready to change habits. Why set yourself up for disappointment? Other research describes how unfulfilled resolutions lower self-esteem and change how the people who set them see themselves. I suggest to let the New Year’s Resolutions go in 2014 and create a plan to work toward your dreams for a better quality of life.

Create a “Vision Board”! Take time to reevaluate your past accomplishments, regrets and reassess your goals. When reassessing goals and dreams, deciphering how they will align with your current lifestyle can often be challenging. Moreover, contemplating whether or not your dreams are realistic or obtainable may be debilitating, therefore confirmation from your intuition is useful. Creating a vision board is an intuitive process that helps you find your way back to your purpose and reason for being. A vision board is a road map that can be used to aid you in finding your way to your dreams. Follow the steps below to create your 2014 vision board and be on your way to creating your future.

  1. Purchase a large poster board, scissors, glue or tape, and a writing utensil (most dollar stores have these items).
  2. Purchase a few magazines with pictures of different categories of your interest (ex; fashion, real estate, automobile, popular, geography).
  3. Create a quiet space where you can work without distraction (music can add to the energy of the space).
  4. Take your time while perusing the magazines, cutting out ALL things of interest to you. Cut pictures of places you dream of visiting, people you wish to meet, careers/relationships you want to fulfill and objects you want to obtain.
  5. Paste/tape ALL of your cut out pictures on the poster board in NO specific order, but in a way that is pleasing to you.
  6. Applaud yourself, you have just created a vision board! Take time to review it with the belief that all things are possible. After completing your vision board assess to make sure you included pictures of everything you want in your life. New interests or goals can always be added to your vision board at any time.
  7. Put your vision board in a place where you can revisit it frequently.
A vision board is an effective tool to clarify one’s goals in order to plan the necessary steps to then accomplish those goals. Many of my clients have discarded the old idea of making a “new year’s resolution” and instead have adapted the idea of creating a vision board. The results speak volumes as my clients enjoy the success of accomplishing many of the goals that they’d placed on their vision boards. Make 2014 the year you create a vision board in order to improve your quality of life and bring your visions into fruition.

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